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MLB Cleveland Indians

Indians pitcher “Fausto Carmona” banished to restricted list

Baseball’s restricted list is a special place for players who have somehow managed to do something egregious enough to be sent into exile by their current team.

I guess that falsifying your identity is a good enough reason.

Cleveland Indians pitcher “Fausto Carmona” (AKA Roberto Hernandez Heredia) has been moved to the team’s inactive list with the pending investigation by Major League Baseball into his falsified identity currently in the works.

Heredia was arrested last week in the Dominican Republic on charges of falsifying both his identity and date of birth to be eligible to play for the Indians. It turns out that Heredia is currently 31– not 28 as was previously believed–and in being sent to the restricted list, will no longer take up a valuable spot on the team’s opening-day 25-man roster.

Heredia was set to make $7 million for the Indians this summer, and it’s yet to be seen what his ultimate fate will be in professional baseball.

Needless to say, Roberto Heredia’s story is one of the most bizarre in recent MLB and Cleveland Indians’ history.

We can only hope that the ending to the story is a little less bizarre and he can move on with his life– with, or without, baseball.