Orioles interested in Edwin Jackson?

By Dan S

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the Orioles may be interested in offering free agent starter Edwin Jackson a four year deal.  The key words there are “may be” and “interested”.  The real hope is that at some point the Orioles may be interested in competing.  Jackson is the best free agent left on the market, assuming you’re downgrading Roy Oswalt for age and back troubles.  The Red Sox also have a need for a starting pitcher but may not be willing to go more than one year on a deal for Jackson or Oswalt.  If Oswalt goes to Boston on a one year deal then Jackson is left with an interesting choice: take the best offer the Orioles make or find a less desirable one year deal with a National League team and hit the market again next off season.  If the Orioles are willing to pay the price to lure Jackson, color me doubtful, then he would instantly become the team’s best starting pitcher.  Jackson’s penchant for high pitch counts may not play well in the AL East but he did experience some success as a Tampa Ray a few years back.

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