New York Mets Still In the Market For Outfield Depth

By Craig Williams

The New York Mets have been quiet in terms of actual moves, but that does not mean that they are not keeping a close eye on the market.  According to Jerry Crasnick, the New York Mets are interested in adding a left-handed hitting outfielder.  Crasnick lists Johnny Damon, Kosuke Fukudome, Rick Ankiel, Juan Pierre and Raul Ibanez as potential targets.  As Dan Mennella points out the New York Mets already seem to have their outfield set with Jason Bay in left field, Andres Torres in center field and a platoon of Lucas Duda and Scott Hairston in right field.  The type of role an additional outfielder would play would be up for discussion.  Of course every team needs some depth and perhaps that is what Sandy Alderson and Co. are looking for right now.


It isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that Duda could be on the trading block.  This is really just me thinking out loud versus any sort of educated guess or hunch so it is probably unlikely.  Not only was Duda one of the few bright spots with the Mets last season, but he is also young enough to figure into the team’s future plans.  Like I said, that suggestion was just a case of me typing up one of the thoughts that crossed my mind.  It will be interesting to see who the Mets decide on if they do bring in another outfielder.

Update: The Philadelphia Phillies signed Juan Pierre to a minor league deal which takes him out of consideration for the Mets.  This is perfectly okay with me as I’m not a Pierre fan anyway.

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