Baseball's Double Standard Drug Policy

By Tim Morris

In December it was revealed that Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario will be suspended for 25 days for violating the league’s drug policy and not for the 1st time. It was later revealed that it was for substance abuse, which means he’s addicted to some type of drug, is this why it takes so long for him to get his visa?

The week before it was revealed that NL MVP Ryan Bruan had failed two different steroid tests taken before and after the playoffs, which will result in a 50 game suspension.

So tell me, on one hand we have a player that seems to be addicted to some type of drug, whether it be aspirin or marijuana it doesn’t’ matter, he can’t kick it, it might be causing him to not be able to enter this country legally, because it’s getting ridiculous that he can’t seem to be able to get his visa on time for three straight years, I haven’t heard of any other major leaguer from his region have the same problem.

Then on the other hand we have Ryan Bruan, clearly a 1st time offender getting slammed by the media for violating the steroid policy in which there was just a heightened level of testosterone, which yes is an indicator of taking steroids but it could also be something else, we don’t know.

So which one is actually doing more harm to himself the supposed steroid user or the 2 time substance abuser? I’ll take the substance abuser, heck it’s affecting his personal life.

I think we’ve taken this steroid thing too seriously and it needs to be scaled back and baseball needs to rethink its priorities. There are a lot of young players who would love a shot at the major leagues who do it right, who abstain from substance abuse and PED’s and I think it’s time for stricter policies all around.

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