Could The Red Sox Get Something Significant From The Chicago Cubs?

By Steve Garrity

Theo Epstein left the Boston Red Sox for the Chicago Cubs in October. Due to that fact that Epstein still had a year left on his contract the Red Sox are owed some sort of compensation. What that compensation will be is anyone’s guess. The closest case in comparison is when Minnesota Twins General Manager Andy Mcphail left to join the Chicago Cubs in the same capacity in 1994. In that case the Twins received the Cubs 30th ranked prospect and some cash.

The Red Sox were unwise enough to left Epstein leave for Chicago before outlining what they would receive back from the Cubs. Now with Theo Epstein fully entrenched in Chicago he is left to negotiating against Boston to decide what he is truly worth.  The Red Sox have thrown out names like starter Matt Garza and number one prospect Brett Jackson, obviously Theo is using the Mcphail case as comparison. The Red Sox believe Epstein is worth more than any other executive and with both teams at a standstill the clubs have asked Commissioner Bud Selig to decide the proper compensation.

Now that the case is out of both teams’ hands Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is reporting one AL General Manager believes Selig will side with Boston.

“The Cubs and Red Sox will soon meet with a representative of the Commissioner’s Office or the commissioner himself to discuss the Epstein compensation issue. The best school of thought on this comes from an AL GM who is not associated with either team: “I think the commissioner will give the Red Sox a significant player. I don’t think MLB wants executives leaving their teams before their contracts are up and therefore he will try to deter teams from doing that again.’’

With Red Sox nation at threat level orange due to a subpar off-season could getting something of value from Chicago make everything worth it?

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