The Chicago Cubs Need To Trade Matt Garza ASAP

I admit that I love Theo Epstein and think he’s got the Cubs on the right track. I look forward to having lunch with Jed Hoyer in a couple weeks, and I am fully prepared to share my thoughts on Matt Garza. It won’t be any different than my conversation with Tim Wiliken 3 days after Matt Garza was traded for, as I was against it then, and will be against hanging on to him.

I’m sorry Cub fans, but Matt Garza is NOT an ace. I know that’s hard to accept because every fan wants him to be so much. Matt Garza is a 2 or a 3, and believe me…that isn’t a bad thing at all if you have an ace like say….Justin Verlander. When Matt Garza is your teams’ best pitcher and likely will command a salary in upwards of 14 million dollars at some point, there’s a problem.

Look, it’s not that I dislike Matt Garza. I think he’s a very serviceable major league arm. It’s the direction of the Chicago Cubs that make me realize that Matt Garza needs to go. The Cubs are rebuilding for the next 2 years, as they continue to aim for controllable young talent and Matt Garza would fetch some outstanding young talent on the trade block.

TheHoyerdestroyer (Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer) aren’t going to hand Garza over to another club, which is why I believe the Cubs WILL start the year with him in the rotation. However, I don’t see Garza lasting post trade deadline. There’s going to be a couple big named pitchers that go down with injuries, and clubs looking to upgrade their rotation for a world series run. We all know it’s going to happen, and we all know Matt Garza is going to be one of the best names on the open market.

When the Cubs get the offer their looking for, it’ll be time to pull the trigger and not think twice. The Cubs are on the right track, and Matt Garza can’t be part of the equation.

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  • Michael Vazquez


    • gilgerard

      You should take a nap.

      • Michael Vazquez

        Didn’t mean any disrespect hahaha but seriously these Garza rumors has really gotten old…fast. The only reason I read them because they sometimes sound interesting but it’s just gotten boring.

  • Michael Vazquez

    IMO, he’s NOT getting traded. I just don’t see it happening and i’m actually hoping it doesn’t, Garza is young enough to build around. Even Theo said so himself, that he’s “exactly the type of guy to build around” and he just said again (think it was last month) that’s he’s not shopping him around though he did say they are listening to teams but Red Sox don’t want him (they don’t have the prospects), Tigers won’t give up Turner so they may not want him & Rangers possibly might get Oswalt. Jays are probably the only team left but haven’t heard a thing about them on Garza.

    Is he going to get traded? Depends on February, if he gets an extension (even Garza loves Chicago and said that he’s “open” to a contract extension) if they don’t give him that extension, they might possibly (BIG possibly) trade him during trade deadline.

    I really want him to get than that extension, I love the guy. He’s a team player (we don’t have that other than Byrd on our team), always on top of those steps on the dugout cheering for his teammates and just really top-notch picther with filthy stuff. Is he an Ace? Possibly, he showed me some Ace-stuff last year.

    • John

      I agree 100% with this article. Sorry Michael, but Matt Garza is not an ace and just because he’s a “team player” doesn’t mean the Cubs should hang on to him.

      Roy Oswalt is close with the Cardinals apparently. Not to mention Detroit has Nick Castellanos blocked so Garza could still be on the radar.

      If this topic is so old, why’d you read it? It’s a very solid article (even though there are some grammar problems, but since I follow this writer, I don’t think he cares too much).

      Theo Epstein in his his comments is simply trying to build value. Matt Garza would be a great guy to have IF the Cubs had someone like Yu Darvish as a 1. When Matt Garza is the club’s best pitcher, There are problems. I believe I read that in the article too.