Matt Garza's home robbed; $30,000 ALCS ring stolen

By Kris Hughes

Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza has been the subject of plenty of talk lately– most of it centered around his future, whether it be in Chicago or elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Garza has also made the news today for something much more dire. According to reports, the former Fresno State pitcher and Cubs starter, had his Fresno, California home broken into sometime in the past week.

Among the items stolen was Garza’s 2008 Tampa Bay Rays American League Championship Series ring that was valued at $30,000. Garza, and authorities both, are unsure of when the break-in occurred, but have placed the time-frame as somewhere between January 26th and today.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the break-in, but as of the time of this article does not have any substantial leads.

It’s a tough break for Garza, who is well-respected among his teammates and is always the first to cheer them on from the dugout. Hopefully they find out who victimized Garza very soon.

Pro athletes are becoming targets more and more often as people target them for their known riches and expensive personal property. It’s a sad state of affairs, but one that is largely uncontrollable.




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