Nationals Manager Wants Harper To Start In Right Field

By Steve Garrity

Will Bryce Harper be the Washington Nationals right fielder to open up the 2012 season?  If Nationals manager Davey Johnson gets  his way thats exactly how things will play out according to Jon Heyman.

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Bryce Harper would become the youngest player in the Majors if this situation plays out.  His first season in professional baseball was a complete success – he finished the season in Double A at only 18 years old and tore through the Arizona Fall League.  He has been in the media spotlight since he was 15 and nothing has seemed to faze him. Many think he should spend some time in Triple A to begin the season, possibly as a way to slow down his free agency clock which would be similar to how the Nationals handled Stephen Strasburg. However,  if he handles himself in spring training it could be too difficult for Washington to send him down.


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