The Boston Red Sox Remaining Pitcher Options

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  • gordybravo

    If they’re really serious about trading for good young pitching then Boston has to trade with Atlanta or the Rays.If they were to offer lets say Jacoby Ellsbury they could most likely get a good young pitcher and maybe an outfielder.Lets face Ellsbury won’t sign with Boston.Not after the way they treated him in 2010.And anyway Scot Boras likes to test the market

  • Matt Sullivan

    No way they will or should trade Ellsbury. Whether he will sign with them or not, they have him through the 2013 season and they cannot replace his production internally or through free agency. Trading with the Rays is basically impossible since they are in direct competition in the AL East. Atlanta could be a good trade partner, but Jurrjens is the only real option there and he would be below Pelfrey in a ranking of potential targets. Boston doesn’t have the high minor talent to coax away anyone better from the Braves and a team trying to improve isn’t move a star position player like Ells.