The New York Yankees hire Jim Hendry and Reorganize the Front Office

By garymarchese

The New York Yankees on Tuesday afternoon announced the hiring of former Cubs general manager Jim Hendry.  Hendry was hired as a special assignment scout.  Hendry spent the last 9 1/2  years as the Cubs general manager.  He was relieved of his duties on August 19th of this past year.  This will mark the first year that Hendry isn’t in the Cubs organization since 1994.  He is 56 years old and started out as the clubs director of player development in November of 1994.  He took over as scouting director prior to the 1996 season, he became the director of player development and scouting two years later.  He was named the clubs assistant general manager in August of 2000 and then in 2002 he became the general manager until his dismissal last August.

The other moves the Yankees made were minor ones.  Steve Donohue is now their head athletic trainer with his friend and longtime partner Gene Monahan retiring after last season.  Mark Littlefield is the new assistant athletic trainer.  Jean Afterman was moved to senior vice president and assistant general manager.  Billy Eppler is the new assistant general manager and Will Kuntz to manager of pro scouting.  The Hendry move is the most significant as it puts another well known and respected baseball mind into the Yankees family.  The other moves are basically just procedural.

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