Frank McCourt's Parting Shot

By Tim Morris

I had a feeling that by the time that Frank McCourt finally gave up on his ownership of the Dodgers, he would leave a scar but I only thought it would be on the team and not on the whole of baseball.

 By the time this bidding is over, the Dodgers may be sold for near $2 billion and that could just as well be without the parking lots! (Although I feel any owner would be remiss to allow him to keep them and continue to pay a hefty price going forward). Yes, that’s right, $2 billion! One of the bids that lost out in the 1st round put up a bid of $1.25 billion and lost!

 Do you have any idea what the Dodgers were worth at the beginning of the 2011 season? $800,000, and now they’ll more than likely be sold for double that! That’s totally incredible and it makes me wonder if this was his plan all along. Make himself so disliked that Selig would agree to sell the team on McCourt’s terms.

 The more I think about it, I have to say that McCourt may be a lot smarter than we’d like to admit. When he declared bankruptcy it was then I knew he was done as a Dodger owner because MLB rules don’t allow their owner to go into bankruptcy and keep the team but it seems that by going into bankruptcy, he was able to get the courts to settle the case in his favor.

 Think of it like this, if you’re Frank McCourt and you saw everything that Texas went through in 2010, ultimately getting sold for under market price to a lower bid that Selig approved, wouldn’t you say to yourself “I don’t want that to happen to me” if you owe millions of dollars that you can’t pay? Sure you do! And you make sure you control the whole process so you can get the most money you can!

 As much as I dislike McCourt, you have to admit he’s sly!

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