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Pirates Bloggers, Fans Begin Twitter Campaign to Lure Edwin Jackson to Pittsburgh

Last night, Pittsburgh Pirates bloggers at The “Mc” Effect (@McEffect) and Raise the Jolly Roger (@rtjr) started a campaign on Twitter aimed to lure free agent starting pitcher Edwin Jackson to sign with the Pirates.

The campaign started around midnight, so the amount of support the campaign received is somewhat surprising. They got Edwin Jackson’s Twitter account (@EJ36) to “trend” in Pittsburgh.

Pirates fans tweeted Jackson a plethora of reasons the 28-year-old should don the black and gold next year, some of the serious, but most of them hilarious.

[blackbirdpie id="164954416837967872"]

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Current Pirates pitchers James McDonald and Joel Hanrahan even got in on the action.

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A search of the hashtag #EJaxToBucs turns up some more funny results.

Will Edwin Jackson become the first professional athlete to let Twitter affect his signing decision? Absolutely not. He’s not going to sign with the Pirates. Many news outlets have said Jackson wants to sign a one-year deal with a contending team. Most Pirates fans realize that and know this is all in good fun, but it never hurts to try.

This morning, Jackson actually thanked Pirates fans for the campaign.

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Unfortunately, that has more of a “Ha, the Pirates” ring to it than it does “I’m going to call my agent right now and tell him to get a deal done.”

The overall theme here seems to be a sort of “If Neal Huntington won’t try and bring Jackson here, we’ll take it upon ourselves.” Obviously fans have essentially no influence on something like this, but it’s great to see how passionate Pirates fans still are about their baseball team, even after 20 consecutive losing seasons.

Maybe next year.

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