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Mike Quade Irked By Dale Sveum’s Comments About 2011 Cubs

You’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a Cubs fan that was too disappointed when Mike Quade was fired this past fall.

Theo Epstein decided not to retain him and brought in Dale Sveum, one of the more coveted names out on the managerial market, to replace him.

Quade didn’t have too much to work with in 2011, so obviously not all the blame falls on him, but between his questionable in-game decisions, how poor the team was fundamentally, and his incredibly awful nicknames for apparently every person in the organization, letting him go was the right move.

Since he got the job as the new Cubs’ skipper, we’ve heard all about the change in philosophy that Sveum intends to bring to the Cubs’ clubhouse this season.

Sveum has made it clear that they will be doing the little things right. He’s stressed accountability and the fact that the effort level will be much higher than it has been, particularly in 2011.

Quade didn’t take too kindly to the comments, which seemed to be something of a shot at Quade and the lack of accountability on the North Side in 2011.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

“It’s a beautiful day fishing in the sunshine — I appreciate you [messing] up my day,’’ Quade said, laughing. “Maybe I’m being an ­idiot, but I thought we gave a
pretty damn good effort every night. I don’t know, maybe that was
[Sveum’s] philosophy or a backhanded shot. I didn’t hear that.’’

It’s unlikely that this becomes anything more than it already is. Quade has defended his team’s effort from last year, and Sveum is basically saying what you’d want to hear from any manager.

Regardless of whether or not the 2011 Cubs actually put in the effort that they were capable of, this is an entirely new ballclub we will see on the North Side in 2012, meaning there’s nothing to do but look forward.