The Miami Marlins Are Aggressively Negotiating For Yoenis Cespedes

By Joshua Casey

When the Miami Marlins signed Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle everyone in the baseball world seemed to notice. The Marlins were no longer willing to sit back and continue to be mediocre. Marlins management and ownership alike were moving the team to a new stadium and wanted to have a new attitude along with it. The new attitude would be winning, as it is with many other franchises, but Marlins ownership was backing that attitude by willingly putting up the money necessary to acquire Reyes and Buehrle, and now they are willing to fork out the money to acquire another potential star player.

Yahoo! Sports has reported that the Miami Marlins are now aggressively negotiating a contract for free-agent, and Cuban defector, Yoenis Cespedes who is certainly the most coveted free-agent left on the market. According to the report Cespedes, “could start visiting prospective teams in the next few weeks,” and the Marlins are certainly hoping that one of his stops will be in Miami. Cespedes is now free to negotiate with any team to his liking and can agree to a contract but cannot officially sign a contract due to government restrictions.

The Marlins are certainly not the only team who has been linked to Cespedes some of the others include, the Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, and Cleveland Indians. There is speculation that the Marlins are the front-runner for Cespedes since Miami is close to his native Cuba and Miami is known for its large Cuban community.

Marlins president David Samson had this to say on Thursday about the Cespedes situation, “From our standpoint, we are aggressively negotiating a contract, but there is no way of knowing if we will be a high bidder.” As for the visit that the Marlins were hoping for it has been confirmed by Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports that, as expected, Cespedes will visit the Marlins when he comes to the U.S in the next four to seven days to visit MLBteams. Upon hearing the news Samson said that he is prepared to be, “aggressive right to the point of stupidity when it comes to signing Cespedes.” But also noted that, “Miami has to be sane, that Cespedes is a perfect fit for the Marlins and that a signing makes perfect sense.”


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