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Pittsburgh Pirates Were in on Free Agents Roy Oswalt, Edwin Jackson?

How about this tweet from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Rob Biertempfel:

[blackbirdpie url=https://twitter.com/#!/BiertempfelTrib/status/166937666426904576]

Aside from the obvious embarrassment of being downright rejected, as a Pirates fan, this should be pretty encouraging, especially after Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that the Pirates threw some serious money toward Edwin Jackson, in the range of $30 million over three years and $10 million for one year.

I take this as a moral victory at least, since this tells me the Pirates are at least semi-serious about spending money and competing as a baseball team, which is more than management can say about its past two decades.

Obviously it would have been great if Roy Oswalt would have at least considered an offer from the Pirates, but if this is all true, things may have gotten a little bit brighter for baseball in Pittsburgh.

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