The Oakland A's Extend Billy Beane Through 2019

By gilgerard

Can someone please explain to me what Billy Beane has done to deserve such a lengthy extension? I’m sorry, but Billy Beane has NEVER won a thing, and is consistently rebuilding. Does he really get a pass because of money ball? That’s just insane. It’s about results, and every other GM that hasn’t won in forever would have fired years ago.

It’s been announced that the Oakland A’s have extended Beane through 2019, according to ESPN. I wish someone wrote a movie about Theo Epstein. Maybe then he’ll be in Chicago for the next gazillion years.

“The movie focuses on the 2002 edition of the self-described blue-collar Athletics and a thrilling 20-game winning streak. Ultimately, Oakland lost in the first round of the playoffs.

That 2002 run was the first of four straight playoff appearances for the A’s, but little has stayed the same since. Oakland finished 74-88 last year, the fifth losing season in a row.

Without a deal to move out of the outdated Oakland Coliseum, the A’s have said they can’t compete with large-market clubs. Oakland shed several of its best players this winter — including top starters Trevor CahillGio Gonzalez and closer Andrew Bailey — in the latest payroll purge.”

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