New York Yankees Sign Bill Hall

Last week I heard about the New York Yankees’ interest in Bill Hall for their utility role and discussed it here.  It turns out that the interest turned into action because the two have agreed to a deal.  Bill Hall will likely handle backup duties in the infield (I’m guessing 3B, 2B and SS in that order of frequency) and some in the outfield as well.  This is obviously not a move to be overly excited about, but it could be a solid one for the bench.  Bill Hall is still relatively young at 32 years old and he’s got plenty of versatility. I know a lot of fans were hoping for the New York Yankees to sign Eric Chavez and this Bill Hall deal does not necessarily preclude them from adding him or a different left-handed bat according to Jon Heyman.

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  • T.O. Chris

    I’d hold off on anointing Hall as the last man off the bench for now. He seems like he is going to be in competition with multiple guys for that last spot, mostly as infield depth and a back up at 3B. The Yankees have already inked Russell Branyan to a minor league deal, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Chavez get a contract, and Ramiro Pena and Brandon Laird will have just as much a chance to compete for that spot in spring training as well. Branyan will likely be in competition for DH ABs, while Hall, Pena, Laird, and Chavez to some extent won’t be. But Branyan could certainly land a spot on the bench with a strong spring even if the Yankees do sign Ibanez to be the left handed DH.

    It seems like this year DH and the last spot off the bench will be treated like the rotation was last year. Bring in as many guys as possible on minor league deals and low money contracts and let the competition pick the spot for you. Hopefully we get a player or two to be this years Freddy Garcia or Bartolo Colon on offense.

    • craigwilliams

      I saw the Branyan move and I’ll probably discuss that in the next day or two. I don’t get why so many people – not necessarily you – are so enamored with Eric Chavez. He’s made out of glass and aside from defense he doesn’t offer much of anything anymore. I won’t mind it so much if Laird beats out Hall. I like the latter’s versatility and experience, but Laird offers some decent potential off the bench. I really do not want to see Ramiro Pena anywhere near the field though. His only use should be a defensive replacement late in the game and at that point, I’d rather just keep Jeter in there. I don’t like Pena AT ALL.