Josh Hamilton Sex Tape Allegations Could End Contract Talks With Texas Rangers

By Jeric Griffin

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton’s alcohol relapse on Jan. 30 seemed like water under the bridge until a new twist on the story surfaced earlier this week. Multiple sources claim Hamilton had more than just a few drinks and then had sex with an unknown woman in the bathroom of Sherlock’s restaurant in Dallas.

One undisclosed television station in Dallas claims someone offered a video recording of Hamilton having sex in the bathroom at Sherlock’s in exchange for $41,000. An employee of the television station said her employers declined.

The same source also stated another individual who was at Sherlock’s on Jan. 30 has a seven-second video on his phone showing Hamilton having sex with the woman in the men’s bathroom while a restaurant employee blocked the door.

A second person came to the same television station on the same night and offered pictures of the incident for $10,000. The television station also declined the pictures.

Another source claims an individual is shopping pictures of the event to multiple media outlets for $100,000.

None of these claims has been confirmed and no statement has been released by Hamilton or the Rangers. The alcohol relapse was enough to halt contract extension negotiations between the player and the team, but this might be enough to end those talks entirely.

At a press conference following the incident, Hamilton claimed to be dedicated to not letting it happen again and devoting his life to Jesus Christ. He called the incident a weak moment, and that it was. It’s tremendous that he’s trying to keep his life on track with God’s Will, but it’s yet to be seen whether the Rangers will tolerate this latest claim.

Regardless of whether or not any sex tape or photos of any sexual activity actually exist, whoever shot/took them is in trouble with the law if they’re revealed. It’s a felony to take a picture or record video of anyone in a bathroom stall because that’s a place where one can assume privacy. It’s also a crime for any media outlet to purchase such illegal material, so if there is a sex tape or pictures, they will never surface to any major media outlet unless the owner of these items is ignorant of the law. Even then, the owner will go to jail as will anyone who purchases the media, so Hamilton is “safe” from a legal standpoint.

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