Korean Baseball bans Orioles scouts

By Dan S

The Korean Baseball Association has banned Baltimore Orioles scouts from all sanctioned Korean Baseball events according to a report from The Baltimore Sun.  The move comes as a result of Baltimore’s signing of 17 year old pitching prospect Kim Seong-min.  Korean officials contend that the Orioles acted improperly by signing the youngster to a professional contract without first clearing their intentions with Korean baseball authorities. In essence orioles scouts are now banned from Korean baseball stadiums until further notice.

The move is steeped in irony as the Orioles, who have long neglected International markets, finally acted aggressively to sign an Asian prospect only to be kicked out of the country.  Korea isn’t necessarily a hot bed for baseball prospects but the Orioles clearly need to find talent through all available avenues.  The missteps in Korea have seemingly closed one such avenue.

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