New York Mets Might Have Pulled the Plug Too Early On Fernando Martinez

I might have discussed this back when the New York Mets waived former top prospect Fernando Marintez, but I need to talk about it again.  After discussing the New York Mets’ lack of success in pursuing a left-handed outfield bat, it is hard not to think about Fernando Martinez and contributions that he could have made in Queens.

I can’t deny that Martinez is looking like a bust at this point, but wouldn’t it be a better idea to roll the dice on a young, cost-controlled player who at least has some potential instead of spending more money on an older player who could easily post the same poor numbers?  In identical roles, Damon and Ibanez would probably outproduce Martinez in 2012, but both of them are damn-near 40.  Actually, Ibanez IS 40.  The chance that one of them will crash and burn due to injury or age-related decline is fairly large.  Even if you want to talk about Fukudome or Ankiel, you’re still talking about guys who are not going to have a significant impact on the Mets in the present or future.

I think the Mets should have given Martinez at least one more season.  There is the slight chance that something finally clicks for Martinez and he ends up being a contributor. In the Miracle Mets world you might have a Nelson Cruz-type.  Not necessarily the same level of production, but similar in that Fernandez could emerge as a late-bloomer and become worthy of a starting role.  He certainly has the raw talent.  In a worst-case scenario, Martinez continues to under perform as a part-time player.  So what?  What do the Mets have to lose in 2012?  Or even 2013 for that matter?

I realize there are only a small number of guaranteed roster spots for Major League teams and that they need to utilize them wisely.  I just think the New York Mets may have given up too early on Fernando Martinez and the current search for a left-handed bat seems to underscore this.

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  • Hazmet

    So Duda’s not under any consideration as the left handed OF bat? He is there LF OF Bat. I’d rather see Duda get the AB’s instead of them going to F-Mart. All that being said, I too found it puzzling that they couldn’t find a spot to play him in MILB. Are they really that flush in talent? Not imo.

    • craigwilliams

      I probably should have made it more clear in the post, but Lucas Duda is actually starting in RF in 2012. I don’t think Martinez would have supplanted Duda, but he would have been a nice guy to have on the roster to spell Jason Bay against some tough righties or to let Duda get a day off here and there. He also could have allowed the team to run out a solid DH during interleague play. The Mets certainly know more than I do, but I agree with you. It’s not like they’re overflowing with talent.

      • Hazmet

        Agreed, Duda scares the heck out of me in the field but they gotta try him somewhere. His routes to balls in the gap playing RF are crazy the way he loops around to get into throwing position. In LF at least a ball in the gap would be on his glove side and he’d be moving towards second for throws. Thanks for letting me post, and as a first timer here your writing is very good, concise, and gets to the point.

        • craigwilliams

          Yea, I hear you there. I haven’t seen a ton of his work out there, but I’ve seen the stats and read the scouting reports. First base would be a better spot for him, but I don’t think he’s going to be supplanting Ike Davis anytime soon. The Mets have nothing to lose in 2012 though. Let him struggle out there if you have to. At least his bat will be on display which would raise his trade value IF the Mets decided to explore that road in the future. Thanks for the comments, I definitely enjoy hearing what the fans have to say on these topics.