Yoenis Cespedes To Leave U.S After Only Visiting The Miami Marlins

By Joshua Casey

Yoenis Cespedes is the hottest free-agent in  baseball right now, and the best. He has dominated everything thrown at home him while playing in the Cuban National League. Last season Cespedes put up a great stat line of .333/.424/.667 with 89 runs, 33 Home Runs, and 99 RBI in only 99 games. Cespedes not only has power, and can hit for average but his speed is pretty good as well. Last season Cespedes stole 11 bases in 14 tries, certainly not great numbers but just another tool to add to the arsenal which can only make him a better all-around player.

So after looking at Cespedes’ stats for last season anyone who knows baseball can tell why so many MLB teams would like to have Cespedes for this upcoming season. Cespedes recently (summer of 2011) defected from Cuba and established residency in the Dominican Republic in January 2012. After establishing residency Cespedes was free to come to terms with any team on a contract but not officially sign with an MLB team due to governmental restrictions. Cespedes planned out trips to multiple MLB teams while in the states and his first stop was the Miami Marlins. But now, according to a Yahoo! Sports report, Miami might be his only stop.

According to the report is that Cespedes may be going back (if he hasn’t already gone back today) to his hometown of the Dominican Republic after visiting with the Marlins yesterday. Cespedes took a tour yesterday, with Marlins executives, of the Marlins new stadium yesterday. Cespedes’ agent Adam Katz said, “nothing is scheduled for now with other teams. We had a good meeting,” Katz said of the visit with the Marlins, ESPN reports. They made a very impressive presentation. Discussions are ongoing and productive. But there are several other teams in the mix.”

The Marlins were considered favorites to land Cespedes as Miami is not too far from Cespedes’ hometown Cuba and has a very large Cuban community. Cespedes, when he arrived at Miami International Airport, said “I’ve watched the players the Marlins have signed and I think this club can compete for the World Series. Hopefully I can play for the Marlins.” That certainly sounds like a player who is wishing he can become a Miami Marlins.


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