MLB umpiring school loses affiliation after KKK-themed party

By Kris Hughes

About the worst thing a company can do in our time is be insensitive to racial issues, much less theme a party around racism.

The Jim Evans Academy for Professional Umpiring did just this.

The 23-year-old business which served to train future Major League Baseball umpires and crews threw a company bowling party at which one team named itself “Klein’s Kleaning Krew” while another team consisting of three white employees and one Latino employee, named themselves “Border Patrol”.

Of course, pictures surfaced of this idiocy, and  MLB has made the decision to strip the Jim Evans Academy of its affiliation with the league, driving the first nail into the coffin of a once-respected business.

Sure, it’s possible that Evans and his employees didn’t think through the racial connotations of their acts and the way which people might take them, but you have to figure with one team with initials of “KKK” there were certain suspicious intentions.

This lack of racial sensitivity is just inexcusable and it’s not rocket science that portraying it in a public venue is a sure-fire way to help kill your business, whether or not it became “a bad joke that wasn’t meant to hurt anyone”, to use Jim Evans’ own words.

These types of jokes aren’t funny anywhere at any time, Jim Evans.

Hopefully now you know better.



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