Ryan Braun Drug Case Close To A Ruling?

By Joshua Casey

Ever since news came out, in early December, that Ryan Braun had failed a drug test in early October, almost every baseball fan in the world wanted the MLB to take away Braun’s MVP award. But ever since then there have been conflicting reports on whether Braun really did fail his test. Braun swore that he never took any sort of steroids and said, “I always believed that a person’s character is revealed in those moments of adversity. I have so much respect for the game of baseball. Everything I’ve done in my career has been done with that appreciation in mind.”

Braun tested positive for high levels of testosterone in early December and on Janury 19-20, 2011, a three-person panel held a meeting to hear Braun’s case. There has been no ruling since then but that might change real soon. According to Tom Haudricourt of the Journal Sentinel:  “Major League Baseball’s drug policy states that the panel chair, in this case Shyam Das, “shall make all reasonable efforts” to render a verdict within 25 daysfollowing the opening of the hearing. The 25th day after the hearing opened would be Monday.”

Haudricourt also said that,  “there has been no indication a ruling will be coming by Monday. The 25-day period is generally meant for in-season cases, to prevent results from hanging in the balance too long while games are being played. But since this is the offseason, Haudricourt speculates, we might not get an answer until the Brewers report to spring training. Pitchers and catchers report to spring training next Saturday (February 18), and the rest of the players report on February 24.”

If the Braun suspension of 50 games is held up then the Brewers will be using a combination of Norichika Aokiand Carlos Gomez in left field. Replacing Braun will be very hard for the Brewers even if it is only for 50 games. It also won’t help that one of the biggest bats, and best players, from the Brewers last season (Prince Fielder) is now playing in Detroit. Last season was a great one for Brewers fans as they saw their team win the N.L Central Division title for the first time, this season probably won’t be much of the same. This season could be a long and agonizing one for Brewers fans.


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