New York Yankees, Not Chicago Cubs, Front-Runners For Jorge Soler?

By Joshua Casey

Yesterday multiple reports started surfacing that the Chicago Cubs were front-runners for Cuban OF prospect Jorge Soler and that a multi-year deal worth around $27.5 million was in place and pretty much agreed upon. But today a tweet by ESPN’s Buster Olney stated, not only are the Cubs “not close” to signing Soler, but they have major competition from the New York Yankees. Not only that but a report from ESPN Insider found here (a service you have to pay for) indicated the same thing.

In case you don’t want to pay for ESPN Insider here is what was included in the report, “Soler, scouts tell Rumor Central, has “mucho upside”, and could very well end up a better investment than either Aroldish Chapman orYoenis Cespedes, who received $30 mill and $36 million guaranteed, respectively. Soler is a true prospect, however, which means he’ll sign and then hit the minors to continue his development.”

Soler is a great prospect with potential five-tool talent and, as projected by Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus, would become the 38th or 39th ranked prospect once he agrees to a deal. Soler will almost assuredly begin this season, assuming he signs with a team, in the minors and work his way up from there. UnlikeCespedes, who is already 26-years-old, and will be in his prime when he is trying to transition from Cuban baseball to the MLB, Soler will be able to get acclimated with the states, and better talent thus enabling him to beready for the MLB come call-up time.

This is one of the biggest reasons why Soler is considered the bigger upside play among the two (Cespedes, Soler)and why Cubs GM Theo Epstein wanted Soler and not Cespedes. As for the possibility of Soler signing with the Yankees there is no deal imminent at this time and it is not clear as to when he will decide on which team to join this upcoming season.


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