Hanley Ramirez Still Upset With Move To Third Base

By Joshua Casey

When Jose Reyes decided to leave the lowly New York Mets this past off-season and join the Miami Marlins it was a great move from both a baseball and fan perspective. Reyes is a very good player and fans were excited about the addition to the team, not to mention the new stadium and move to Miami. The Marlins also added relief pitcher Heath Bell this past off-season and everyone around the Marlins franchise seemed to be excited about the direction the Marlins were heading. Adding two very good players plus receiving great news on Josh Johnson’s status for this upcoming season was ideal for the Marlins and everyone was happy with what was happening, right? Not exactly.

According to a report by ESPN Insider( Per The Miami Herald) Hanley Ramirez is still not happy with the move to third base, “manager Ozzie Guillen admits that Ramirez is not a happy camper, at least not yet. “He’s not 100 percent on board yet. Right now let it be,” Guillen told reporters Tuesday. “This is Hanley’s team.” Guillen said he expects Ramirez will warm up to the idea by the time the Marlins open the season April 5 against the Cardinals. Does that mean Ramirez will be allowed to blow off some steam about the move in spring training? With Ozzie, you never really know.”

Will Ramirez really warm to the idea of basically being told that we have a better play at your position so you better move? It seems like Ramirez has an ego, like mostly all superstar athletes do, so I wouldn’t be too sure that he will. But only time will tell, one thing is for sure though, this should make for a very interesting inaugural spring training for the Miami Marlins.



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