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New York Mets Not Reuniting With Scott Kazmir Anytime Soon

Many of us remember the moment all too well.  The moment during the summer of 2004 – off the top of my head, I want to say it was July 30th – when the New York Mets traded stud left-handed starting pitching prospect Scott Kazmir for RHP Victor Zambrano – a.k.a. rubbish.  Even though I was well aware of Scott Kazmir’s potential at this point, my attachment to him was at a very reasonable level.  If the New York Mets pulled off that same stunt in 2011, I doubt I’d be around to type this up right now.  Luckily for the New York Mets and their fans, Scott Kazmir never really took off.  He definitely put up a couple of filthy seasons, but walks and the injury bug held him down.

I won’t get into the dirty details.  I did that here.  Besides, I’m not trying to bash on Kazmir anymore than I or anyone else has done in the recent past.  I was actually in favor of the Mets taking a look at him this offseason and maybe bringing him aboard on a minor league deal.  Apparently, Sandy Alderson and Co. don’t have any interest though.  This was evident by the zero scouts that the Mets sent to watch Kazmir’s workout.  According to some of the reports, there was not much to see from Kazmir.  The fastball was 86-87 while topping out at 89.  One scout had him a little bit faster on the gun, but that is still a far cry from the type of zip he was displaying a few years ago.  It’s just a puzzling situation to say the least.

I am a bit surprised that the New York Mets didn’t at least send one scout.  I mean it’s not as if they are so set on starting pitching that they don’t even need to look under every stone and dive in a couple of dumpsters.  Ultimately, it probably won’t matter here though.  I don’t see Scott Kazmir being able to re-invent himself, so unless he finds that 92 mph average fastball velocity again he may be SOL.

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