Oakland A’s about to offer deal to Manny Ramirez?

According to several reports, Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics’ front office may be looking to make another splash on the heels of the recent agreement with Cuban free agent Yoenis Cespedes.

Enigmatic slugger Manny Ramirez may soon find a new home in Oakland for the 2012 season and give the A’s lineup some much needed power. Ramirez last saw action in the major leagues with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2011 where he appeared in only five games before being suspended by Major League Baseball for 100 games, due to failure of a test for banned performance substances. At that time, Ramirez decided to “retire” rather than serve the suspension.

The suspension Ramirez was required to serve became 50 games due to his decision to sit out the majority of the 2011 season of his own volition.

In essence, Ramirez would present the A’s with a low-cost, low-risk offensive option who could play outfield if needed, and DH on most days. Ramirez has never been the strongest defensive outfielder, but still has enough gas left in the tank to be productive as a DH and pinch-hitter on occasion.

While Manny could be a strong offensive presence for the A’s, he also comes with an immense amount of personal baggage.

Almost everywhere the slugger has landed, there have been issues. Ramirez can often be a loose-cannon who is just as likely to get in a fight with a team employee as he is to make a flashy catch or hit a 400-foot homerun.

Adding Manny Ramirez to your roster is a calculated risk that has potential rewards and pitfalls.

If Billy Beane takes the risk, and rolls the dice on Ramirez, we will know for sure he is all in for the 2012 season– leaving no cards left un-played.



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