Chicago Cubs may play Home Games at U.S. Cellular Field in 2013

By Greg Bolotin

The Chicago Cubs might be playing their 2013 home games at U.S. Cellular Field. There will be Cubs fans who will be upset with this decision: to play where the cross-town rival Chicago White Sox play their home games. Hopefully, these fans will understand that, if the Cubs do need to play their home games in another park, U.S. Cellular Field is the best option.

If the Cubs get the option to play at Miller Park in Milwaukee, many more fans will be upset about that. The Cubs should not play their home games in any other city than Chicago. The city of Milwaukee or any other city the Ricketts family is considering should not be allowed to take revenue from the great city of Chicago. The most logical place to play is U.S. Cellular Field.

Wrigley Field is over 100 years old. Wrigley Field needs structural renovations to make sure it is as safe as it is majestic; a place to watch and enjoy an 81 game baseball season. The Ricketts family knows that an overhaul, to make it a touch more modern, will improve the already fan friendly atmosphere that Wrigley Field provides. They want to improve the team clubhouses and provide Cubs players and their opposition an adequate and more updated atmosphere.

If these major overhauls insure that Wrigley Field remains the home of the Cubs for many more seasons to come, they must be done soon. Wrigley Field is a landmark.  It is by far the best baseball stadium in MLB to take your family to enjoy the national past time on a great afternoon.

If, in the end, the Ricketts family decides  to do all of necessary upgrades and structural renovations that need to be done, it will likely take longer than an offseason to make sure it is done well. The Cubs should and probably will play their home games at U.S. Cellular Field in 2013.  Cubs fans will be happy when the work is done and play resumes at Wrigley Field.

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