Even Yankee's GM, Brian Cashman, Is Talking About Jeremy Lin

By Eric Haftel

Brian Cashman, who spoke with ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay on Monday, wants to find his own Jeremy Lin with the New York Yankees.

“I invoked his name today in front of everyone when we had our team meeting with our pitchers and catchers,” Cashman told Kay’s audience. “You always try to point to, ‘Why can’t this be you?’ You say, ‘Hey, look what’s going on in New York with Linsanity.’ We have a number of players in camp that want to be something. They believe they can impact this club.”

In a much more quiet way, last year, Ivan Nova, was much like Lin. He came out of no where and now finds himself in the number 3 spot in the rotation.

Cashman wanted his players to see that, you could be the next Lin or Nova.

“We have 34 pitchers and eight catchers currently in camp. And part of my speech to the whole team was [about] Nova last year. Did anybody think he was going to be a 16-game winner, pitch in the front of our rotation and in one of our playoff games?”

Cashman went on to say,

“[Lin is] an example of hope for a lot of people. For different forms and fashions.”

Yankee fans and Cashman alike, hope that they can find their own Lin this season.

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