Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp Says He Will Hit 50 homers And Have 50 Steals In 2012

By Eric Haftel

No one in Major League Baseball history has ever hit 50 bombs and stolen 50 bases in a season but that’s not stopping Matt Kemp from saying he will be the first.

“Anything is possible,” Kemp told Yahoo Wednesday. “We’ll see. You thought I wouldn’t get 40/40 – and I almost got it. You’ve got to set your sights as high as can be.”

Last season he did get very close to joining the illustrious 40/40 club. He ended up hitting 39 home runs and stole 40 bases.

Only four players in history have reached the 40/40 club; Jose Canseco in 1988, Barry Bonds in ’96, Alex Rodriguez in ’98 and Alfonso Soriano in ’06.

For Matt Kemp to call this is absolutely crazy, especially as a baseball player. It reminds me of the historical, much debated, Babe Ruth home run call.

Kemp is extremely confident in himself though.

“I believe in myself to the most. I have confidence I can achieve it. I try to set my expectations as high as I can. I think I’m capable of doing it.”

If he is capable of doing it then, he will go down in history. I do believe he has a legitimate chance for the 40/40 club this season though.

Do you think he could possibly reach this incredible feat?

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