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Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp Says He Will Hit 50 homers And Have 50 Steals In 2012

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No one in Major League Baseball history has ever hit 50 bombs and stolen 50 bases in a season but that’s not stopping Matt Kemp from saying he will be the first.

“Anything is possible,” Kemp told Yahoo Wednesday. “We’ll see. You thought I wouldn’t get 40/40 – and I almost got it. You’ve got to set your sights as high as can be.”

Last season he did get very close to joining the illustrious 40/40 club. He ended up hitting 39 home runs and stole 40 bases.

Only four players in history have reached the 40/40 club; Jose Canseco in 1988, Barry Bonds in ’96, Alex Rodriguez in ’98 and Alfonso Soriano in ’06.

For Matt Kemp to call this is absolutely crazy, especially as a baseball player. It reminds me of the historical, much debated, Babe Ruth home run call.

Kemp is extremely confident in himself though.

“I believe in myself to the most. I have confidence I can achieve it. I try to set my expectations as high as I can. I think I’m capable of doing it.”

If he is capable of doing it then, he will go down in history. I do believe he has a legitimate chance for the 40/40 club this season though.

Do you think he could possibly reach this incredible feat?

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