A.J. Burnett Gets No. 34 For Quite A Price From Daniel McCutchen

AJ Burnett has officially gotten his number 34 back from Daniel McCutchen.

The price may surprise you though.

Rather than opening up his wallet and tossing him a few hundred thousand, Burnett got creative. He will instead start a College America 529 plan for McCutchen’s daughter, who is due to be born in May.

Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“When a veteran comes in and takes a number, some of the guys usually get something,” McCutchen said. “I know he has kids. He asked me what I wanted, I brought that up.”

College 529s operate like IRAs and 401(k)s. They are tax-free, and offer investment options that can be aggressive early on, before becoming conservative as the student gets closer to college.

Obviously Burnett has more money to save then McCutchen.

Burnett has two seasons to go on the $82 million deal the New York Yankees signed him to. But McCutchen made somewhere just north of the big league minimum in 2011. About $415,000.

Very good move on Burnett’s part. More players should think about the future the way Burnett and McCutchen are.

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