Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Spring Training TV/Broadcast Schedule

By Troy Pfaff

The Pittsburgh Pirates play their first Spring Training game on Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays. Unfortunately, fans who don’t subscribe to MLB Network and/or MLB.tv will have to wait a week longer to (legally) see their Pirates play.

The first Root Sports broadcast of the spring will come March 10 against the Minnesota Twins. They’ll then play the games on March 21 against the Red Sox, March 24 vs. the Houston Astros and March 26 against the Baltimore Orioles. All four Root Sports games will be live broadcasts, and all begin at 1:05 PM, aside from the Orioles game which starts at 7:05 PM.

If you do subscribe to MLB Network and/or MLB.tv, you’ll be able to watch the following games:

March 5 @ Orioles (MLB.tv only)
March 8 @ Phillies (delay)
March 9 @ Red Sox (live)
March 10 vs Twins (delay)
March 20 @ Yankees (delay)
March 21 vs Red Sox (delay)
March 24 vs Astros (delay)
March 26 vs Orioles (delay)
March 27 @ Phillies (live)
April 1 @ Blue Jays (delay)
April 2 @ Phillies (delay)

MLB.tv will show all games live, not on delay.

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