Baby Born At Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training Complex

By Chris Hengst

The Pittsburgh Pirates apparently needed a way to increase fan interest for Spring Training games. I’m not sure delivering a baby at the front gates is the safest method but they added a previously unborn Pirates supporter at McKechnie Field last night in Bradenton.

The team’s director of Florida operations, Trevor Gooby, helped a mother, Latisha Kirk, birth a baby boy at the park and as of last night, both were healthy.

Is there a sabermetric for that?

Pittsburgh wasn’t playing but hosted an opening for fans, season ticket holders and area residents. The eight and a half months pregnant soon-to-be-mother enjoyed her time walking around the park, not thinking she might deliver near a baseball diamond.

And when Ms. Kirk started feeling some discomfort, Gooby put her in a wheelchair hoping to rush her to the hospital.

Fate had other plans.

They had reached the front gate and Kirk looked at Gooby. “The baby is definitely coming.”

He sent a couple of staff members to get towels and gloves just in case.

“And then I looked,” Gooby said. “I could see the baby’s head.”

Gooby, 35, has two children and was in the delivery room when his wife gave birth, but that was the extent of his training as far as labor and delivery. But it seems Kirk didn’t have time to be too concerned about Gooby’s delivery skills.

“She pushed one time and the baby was out,” Gooby said. “We wrapped the baby up in towels. He was crying and EMS arrived a couple of minutes later and cut the umbilical cord.”

The baby hasn’t been named yet but I imagine his moniker will be the stuff of Bradenton gossip relatively soon.

Can this boy have a future anywhere else but baseball?

The first time he hits a home run, I hope an old man is there to say, “I knew it.”

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