Chicago Cubs Manager Dale Sveum says 2012 is not a Rebuilding Season

By Greg Bolotin

Dale Sveum the new manager of the Chicago Cubs has a message for the Cubs front office and his players, 2012 is not a rebuilding year. He is relishing the fact that no one is picking the Cubs to go anywhere in 2012.

Sveum wants to bring something to the Chicago Cubs that they have not had much of in the past century, a winning attitude starting in spring training. When Dale Sveum looks at his club he does not see a fifth or worse place finishing ball club. He sees talent at different positions that can help the Cubs win many more games than the experts think the Cubs will.

When everyone sees’s Alfonso Soriano as aging and fading offensive star. A liability every time a ball gets hit to him in leftfield. Instead Sveum sees a left fielder that has hit 340 career home runs, and still be constant threat with the bat in the middle of their lineup.

Sveum sees catcher Geovany Soto as a veteran player, who has gone through the highs and lows of being a baseball player in his time with the Cubs. Soto is smart catcher that can call a ballgame very well. Soto has a great bat to go along with catching abilities.

A winning attitude is what Dale Sveum wants to bring to his team, starting in spring training going through the 2012 season. He likes his starting rotation especially since he knows Matt Garza will be the ace of his staff. Having Ryan Dempster whose age might be catching up with him, but hopes to bounce back and give the cubs the innings and wins the cubs need from him in 2012.

Sveum is hoping Randy Wells finds his pitching from his rookie season, that gave the Chicago Cubs hope that they would have a starter in their rotation for years to come.  With the additions of Paul Maholm, and Travis Wood finishing out the Cubs starting rotation, Sveum feels comfortable his starters can get the innings needed in each of their starts. Then pass the ball to their bullpen lead by Carlos Marmol, Kerry Wood, and Jeff Sumardzija. Hoping they can pitch the final innings and shut the door for many Cubs victories.

Do not forget Sveum also has an all-star on his team who got over 200 hits in Starlin Castro in 2011. Who can only get better with his bat and his glove in the future. The Chicago Cubs have their player of the opportunity in Brett Jackson waiting in the wings to get his chance to play in the majors in 2012.

Sveum has the passion that has brought a winning attitude to the Chicago Cubs. His ball players have already started believing; who knows if the Chicago Cubs pitch and hit well anything can happen in 2012. Dale Sveum is moving the Chicago Cubs in the right direction to become consistent contenders in the coming years to win the World Series.

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