Video: AJ Burnett Breaks Orbital Bone During Bunting Practice

By Bryan Lutz

When the Pirates acquired AJ Burnett a few weeks ago, they weren’t aware of his solid bunting skills. During a bunting drill, Burnett managed to pull a Brickma, fouling the ball of his face and breaking his orbital bone. Reports haven’t surfaced on how long Burnett will be out of commission, but out of embarrassment alone, I would take a few weeks off.

I will never understand how Major League athletes can’t bunt. It’s the equivalent to a point guard shooting 50% from the foul line. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, folks.

Needlees to say, if Burnett’s new teammates pie him like Burnett did to his old teammates in New York, they might want to be a little more delicate.

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