Players Take on Manager's Role in Spring Training

By Derek Kessinger

The Colorado Rockies begin their Spring Training game schedule today, with Todd Helton and Jason Giambi scheduled to manage the Rockies’ intra-squad game. The two grizzled veterans on the Rockies senior tour baseball team are competitive with each other and should have a long fight over which team is going to have to let 49-year-old Jamie Moyer pitch

Both players could end up in coaching roles down the road. Despite his dance with steroids, Jason Giambi could become a hitting coach. He had 13 homeruns in just 131 at bats at age 40. Helton has been with the Rockies his entire career. If Jim Tracy is truly going to be around with the Rockies indefinitely, then Todd Helton could work his way into becoming Tracy’s heir apparent. Helton is a smart player who has led the team for over a decade.

Looking around Major League Baseball, which players would you most like to see assume the coaching role, even if it was just for a Spring Training scrimmage?

I think the marque matchup would still be an Alex Rodriquez versus Derek Jeter coaching battle. Who really is the pride of the Yankees? Manny Ramirez spent time in the Bullpen between innings resting with the Dodgers, would he like to return to that role in Oakland? David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis are the only players left with the Red Sox who have won two World Series. They could bet a beer on the game.

Overall, it’s great to have Spring Training baseball back. The month of games that don’t mean anything definitely evoke images of why baseball is America’s pastime. It’s not just about the game, but also about the atmosphere. Hope springs eternal for the teams currently occupying Arizona and Florida. In the Rockies’ case, a popular retirement community seems like the perfect place for the club to hold their Spring Training.

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