Chicago Cubs Future Superstar Brett Jackson

By Greg Bolotin

When Brett Jackson was picked by the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the 2009 draft there was a lot of pressure to go with that. The Chicago Cubs believed Jackson would be their savior and franchise player. Going in to the 2012 season, Brett Jackson has seen Jim Hendry, the general manager who drafted him has been fired. He now has to show his new general manager Jed Hoyer, and President Theo Epstein that he does have the talent and great abilities to be the kind of ball player the Chicago Cubs drafted him to be.

Being called the savior for an organization like the Chicago Cubs, which are not known for their winning ways in the last century, is a huge burden. Jackson also has dealt with the high expectations of being drafted in the first round.  Jackson is an extraordinary talent. He has the ability to be at least a 20/20 player with his great power and speed.

The Chicago Cubs badly need a player of Jackson’s abilities in the middle of their lineup. He can be the spark the Chicago Cubs need to start winning more games consistently. Helping the Cubs become serious World Series contenders. The Chicago Cubs ownership, new management, and especially the Chicago Cubs fans want to see this as quickly as possible.

The Chicago Cubs going in to the 2012 season have an aging outfield.  Alfonso Soriano is going to be 36, and more importantly is a liability in the outfield every time a ball is hit near him. Marlon Byrd is going to be 34 and is a decent center fielder, but his age will catch up to him soon as well.

Brett Jackson is expected to be on the Chicago Cubs regular season roster in 2012. If he does not make the opening day roster he will be brought up not too long after.  The Cubs will be looking to deal Alfonso Soriano and/or Marlon Byrd by the trade deadline to give Brett Jackson his chance to show the Chicago Cubs his abilities as a starter in their outfield.

Once Brett Jackson is given the chance to be the Chicago Cubs everyday outfielder he will show the entire Chicago Cubs organization and their fans he is the player everyone thought he would be, and more then he was when he was drafted in 2009. Hopefully, he will lead the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series title since 1908.

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