Extension Candidate: Chris Sale

By Adam Sager
Rick Osentoski, US Presswire

While the Chicago White Sox are in the process of moving Chris Sale from the bullpen to the rotation, I believe they should look in to an extension for the big left hander.  Sale is expected to take over for Mark Buehrle, who took his talents to South Beach with Ozzie Guillen to the Miami Marlins.

Chris Sale, 23, was drafted in the 2010 draft, 13th overall by the Chicago White Sox.  Kenny Williams basically told Sale that if he signed right away, he would be given the chance to pitch with the White Sox that season.  Sale took advantage and earned a lot of respect those last two months of the 2010 season.  In 2010, Sale pitched 23.1 innings with a 1.93 ERA and 32 strikeouts.  In his first full season with the Chicago White Sox, Sale pitched 71 innings with a 2.79 ERA and 79 strikeouts. 

I think the White Sox need to lock him the same way that the Rays lock their young talent up.  Sale, 23, still has two full seasons until he is arbitration eligible.  I think in the end, Kenny Williams will end up waiting until next off season to explore an extension for Sale.  If I was Williams and the White Sox, I would offer Sale the same exact offer that the Rays offered Matt Moore.  The Rays signed more to a 5 year $14 million with options for 2017-2019.  With the options the total would be 8 years $40 million.  If the White Sox signed Sale to that deal, I don’t think that any fans could be upset with this kind of deal.

Either way I think the Chicago White Sox have found themselves a good one in Chris Sale.

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