Scott Boras and the New York Mets

By d.j. Stockton

Scott Boras has come out and said that he doesn’t like what the Mets are doing by slashing their payroll $50 million for the 2012 Season.  He did so by not naming any names but we all know that he was talking about the Mets so why hide behind closed doors?  Well Scott Boras, I don’t like what you’re doing.  You drive around in your expensive cars hobnobbing with the upper crust of baseball while ignoring the players that can turn a good team into a great team.  Oh Scott Boras, when you fall it will be a glorious day for us all.


Were you a lawyer who graduated law school with the highest marks with job offers from the most prestigious law firms in the country?  Or were you shunned by them because you weren’t good enough?  Maybe that’s why you only represent those players that will command larger than life salaries.  In actuality you were a decent player until knee problems curtailed your career but even your doctorate in pharmacy couldn’t save it.  You ended up defending Pharmaceutical companies from class action law suits which is where I can just imagine when your ethics were confiscated and you obviously never wanted them back.


So you went on to that silly game that you used to play and have made a killing since.  And yeah, I’m a little jealous of those huge paydays that you get every time Alex Rodriguez signs a new contract but hey, who isn’t?  I don’t mind you taking advantage of the Yankees because they have the money and have thrown it away for years, good riddance to them.  What really irks me is when a guy has one breakout year and that turns into a $100 million contract, i.e. Jayson Werth.  You took the Washington Nationals hostage at the bank and the only person who survived was you.  Kudos for executing that highway robbery over and over again, match point being taken with that Prince Fielder contract, I have nothing good to say about it other than asking if you could send me a couple million just for good measures.  If you did that I would take down this article and do nothing but bemoan your upstanding ethics and would even let you borrow mine because I won’t sell them for anything.


Scott Boras, the only reason you care about the economic state in baseball is so you can find the next player to represent that will put another gold layer on the bottom of your pool.  You have taken advantage of the system in baseball and Major League Baseball has let it happen.  You represent the current state of the game just like Bill Clinton represented our country when president while he was watching Monica Lewinsky smoking those cigars with his wife in the next room.


Instead of trying to improve the system, you have made it worse.  So who cares that you don’t like what the Mets are doing?  Give them a couple years and they will be back at your door begging for that next free agent who is worth $200 million and they may even be your next “mystery team.”  Oh Scott Boras, can you just ride off into the sunset?

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