Astros Move to AL is Good for Carlos Lee and Team

By Eric Droddy
When I first heard about the Houston Astros proposed move to the American League, I was devastated. All of my life I have listened to and watched the Astros as a National League team. The thought of moving to the other side left me disoriented, nearly lifeless. The purist in me could not fathom being the fan of a team with a designated hitter. So much of the game would be missing.

Then I read an article about “El Caballo” Carlos Lee missing the first few games of spring training due to a strained hamstring and it hit me, this could be just the thing we need.   At nearly 36 years old, Lee’s best years are most likely behind him and the Astros.  Even with all the moves over the last couple of seasons shipping off the likes of Roy Oswalt, Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence and Michael Bourne in an effort at rebuilding, the Astros were unable or unwilling to make a move with “El Caballo.”   So now here’s your chance to add a couple more years to Carlos Lee’s waining career in Houston.  Make him the designated hitter and solidify your outfield with the best young talent in left field you can find.  J.D. Martinez seems like a great place to start.J.D. Martinez’s three-run shot.

New general manager Jeff Luhnow has already proven that he is willing to make moves that are in the best interest of the future for the club by moving Brett Myers to the bullpen.  That move seemed to some a waste of a high dollar starter.  “It’s funny,” Luhnow said, “because there’s a very basic concept that you learn in business school, which is forget sunk costs. From where I’m standing, it doesn’t matter what we’re paying Myers this year, because that contract is signed, and we owe him that. So it makes no sense to justify where that asset is based off the market value of that position externally.”  If Carlos Lee can help the team more in the designated hitter spot and open up a spot in the field and the batting order, then it’s a win, win situation for the Astros, Lee and the many fans that want to see the team begin it’s resurgence sooner than later.

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