Colorado Rockies Not Practicing What They Preach

By Derek Kessinger

The Colorado Rockies have a problem. Alex White, the Rockies 23 year old pitching prospect acquired in the Ubaldo Jimenez trade, got a DUI during the first weekend of spring training. It’s fairly obvious that he lied to the team, but they believe his apology is sufficient. Sounds like another character guy.

The Colorado Rockies revamped their locker room to include character guys. They spent their off-season creating a new culture to allow a team that has fallen into shambles, despite their high expectations, to compete. For the better part of the last decade, the Rockies have been a team of faith. They have Faith Day, which is often particularly notable because the Veggie Tales are present along with religious leaders.

Faith in a baseball team is something else entirely. The Rockies love to roll out a new campaign slogan and try to convince people each spring training that they will in fact compete for a World Series. They have excuses lined up when these same grand schemes do not materialize in the summer. But when fans can’t trust the Rockies to properly deal with real issues, why should they believe the Rockies baseball strategy?

Alex White was stopped for a DUI last weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. He immediately went to the Rockies and told them that he had a couple of drinks and did not know he was drunk. He came forth to the media and said that he was embarrassed by the situation and wanted to get all of the facts out in the open.

After the announcement, Dan O’Dowd told the Denver Post’s Troy Renck that the situation was just water under the bridge.

“The embarrassment he caused himself … he’s very close to his mother and father, so I think there has been enough punishment dealt on this one,” O’Dowd said. “We have not seen any indication of this since we got the kid.

“He’s been a choirboy, but he screwed up.”

It turns out that White’s blood alcohol content when he was stopped on the road was .174, over twice the legal limit, a charge dubbed an “Extreme DUI”. There’s no doubt that White, a 6’ 3”, 215 pound man had more than a couple of drinks when he was pulled over. Yet the Rockies have already said his actions did not warrant punishment.

I’m not sure if the Rockies are aware of this, but if he had killed someone instead of just being pulled over, this would not be seen as a stupid kid making a mistake. DUI’s are serious things; drunk driving kills people everyday. The Rockies are lucky that national organizations have not set up a campaign against them just yet.

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