Los Angeles Angels: World Series or Bust

By d.j. Stockton

Introducing the 2012 World Series Champions, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! Wait, you say the season hasn’t even started yet?  I retract my previous statement but just for the time being.  First off, are the Angels even called that anymore because I thought that was their “official” name or at least longhand version of it?  I guess it won’t really matter what you called them before because you might just end up calling them the team to beat in 2012.  And how could you deny that they have a legitimate shot at winning the World Series this year which would be a good thing because those rocks in left center are looking a little dry and maybe with the added revenue they could add some fountains out there that go off every time Albert Pujols hits a home run.  Unless all that revenue would be going to Albert Pujols, then never mind on those fountains because you don’t want to end up like the Royals.  No seriously, this could be an exciting year for the Angels and their fans.


Mike Scioscia has a possible headache lined up for him as the season opens, that headache being how to get Pujols as many at bats as possible with runners on in front of him.  It would be nice to have that problem but it is a luxury not many managers have to deal with because their team wasn’t the mystery team that swooped in and gave him enough money to bribe Joseph Kony out of leadership and save all those people he’s killing (babies maybe? I thought all those links were viruses) but that’s not what the money was meant to be used for.  Which is a good thing because who would want to bribe an evil dictator?  And essentially I could go on and continue to write about Pujols but who wants to do that when you have potentially the best lineup in the AL West and that’s saying something with the Rangers lurking.  This Angels offense has speed, it has power, it has just about anything and everything you’d want on offense except maybe a guy with really interesting facial hair.


You want specifics on that offense?  It’s so good that one of the top prospects in baseball might not make the team because it’s so offensively stacked.  And who cares that Mike Trout might not make the team because Torii Hunter, Peter Bourjos and Vernon Wells is a pretty solid outfield.  Not to mention you’ve got Kendrys Morales coming off an injury and he’s got nowhere to play, then again I’m not sure he has a human foot anymore after all the time he’s missed because of it.  It would be nice to have Trout on the team though in order to continue the great tradition of players with the last names of fish a la Tim Salmon.


Enough about the offense because there’s another big name making his new home with the Angels, that being the lefty CJ Wilson who will further solidify that rotation that wasn’t exactly hurting for another arm.  But hey, you can never have enough potential Cy Young Award winners on your staff.  Plus, Wilson is really good at photography so they don’t have to hire out for the team photo and is also very well versed with music so no need to hire out for a DJ for team parties.  It’s a win-win situation all around.  The only downer is that he doesn’t do kids parties because of scheduling conflicts and he would look funny in a clown suit (his agent advised him).   I’m not sure there’s a better 3 man rotation than Wilson, Jered Weaver and Dan Haren in the game.  Maybe Scioscia should consider ditching the other two guys and going with three, it’s not so crazy is it?


Nonetheless, the Angels will contend in the American League and may very well be the team to beat.  This team could win 100 games this year but will it be enough to win the World Series?  Stay tuned.

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