Major League Baseball Backtracks on Astros Colt .45 Uniforms

By Chris Hengst

Major League Baseball tried to take a gun from a Texan. If you’re away of the state’s firearm inclinations, that’s not a good idea.

Reneging on an earlier ban, the Commissioner’s office allowed the Houston Astros to wear retro uniforms with the colt gun emblazoned on their Colt .45’s throwbacks.

Worn the first three years of the franchise’s history, the “C’ in the uniform’s lettering is a puff of smoke coming out of the pistol. Without it, the jerseys looked odd and naturally the Houston fan base wondered what the point in wearing them was if not worn right.

After some backlash, Major League Baseball left the decision to Jim Crane to make and he wins a bit of support in the process.

In celebrating a signature season in Houston history, the Astros intend to use nearly all of their past jerseys:

One of the cornerstones of the Astros’ 50th anniversary campaign is “Flashback Fridays,” when the club will wear some of the most recognizable and iconic uniforms in its history.

The Astros will wear the 1960s shooting star jerseys May 4 and May 18, the 1970s rainbow jerseys June 1 and June 22, the 1980s shoulder rainbow jerseys July 6 and July 27 and the 1990s blue and gold star jerseys Aug. 10, Aug. 17 and Aug. 31.

There are plenty of reasons to question Bud Selig’s office but the Commissioner wisely chose to side with the fans in a non-issue. That and the next time he tripped to Minute Maid might have been a bit testy with the number of concealed handgun licenses in the crowd.

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