Nyjer Morgan Doing Fine After Being Beaned

By Michael Terrill

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan is reportedly doing fine after being beaned on Saturday by San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito.

Morgan was beaned in the back of the head in the first inning but remained in the game. Milwaukee’s medical staff removed Morgan at the conclusion of the inning and was not permitted to return.

“I’m good,” Morgan said. “Curveball, just hanging in there, hanging in there . . . gravity brought it down, and I just caught it in the back of the head in a spot where guys normally get knocked out at.”

Morgan is one of the toughest players on the Brewers squad but even the strongest of men will struggle after taking a hit like that.

“I was fine walking down the line, then everything started getting a little bit hazy,” Morgan continued. “Just left the game with a little bit of a headache. They saw me trying to shake out the cobwebs when I was on first. So they said, ‘No, you’re out for precautionary reasons.’ ”

Morgan sat out the Brewers game on Sunday after the medical staff concluded he did not suffer a concussion. Manager Ron Roenicke said Morgan was fine but added there was no reason to risk another injury, especially with right fielder Corey Hart already down for the rest of spring training.

Morgan does not expect to miss much time and should be in the lineup in the next couple days. The Brewers will take on the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners in a double header Wednesday.

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