Potential Los Angeles Dodgers Owners To Meet In Phoenix This Week

By Joshua Casey

The search for the next owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers will be slimmed down once again when bidders for the Dodgets will meet this week in Phoenix. The meetings will be handled by Major League Baseball and will include a strict and critical examination of each owner. According to a report on Rueters.com a source, familiar with the process the MLB will be undergoing, said that the meetings will be centered around potential candidates financing, and other matters, concerning the Dodgers.

The final candidates to buy the Dodgers are former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson, hedge-fund billionaire Steve Cohen, St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke, and media executive Leo Hindery. According to sources the bids are between $1.2 billion and $1.6 billion, with Rams onwer Stan Kroenke seen as one of the favorites to buy the team.

According to TurfShowTimes.com Kroenke can pay cash for the team but is not seen as the legitimate favorite to purchase the Dodgers, that honor would go to Steve Cohen. According to Forbes, Cohen and Kroenke are the only two candidates who are willing to pay cash for the Dodgers which will surely entice former owner Frank McCourt. Both Cohen and Kroenke have a net worth over $1 billion and neither one brings any sort of debt with them.

If Kroenke does indeed buy the Dodgers it would seem that the next team to be moved to Los Angeles would be the Rams, but that is pure speculation. Final bids for the Dodgers are due by March 16, and it is expected that McCourt will pick the next owner on April 1.


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