Albert Pujols off to a great spring training with Angels

By Jeff Shibley

Yes it is just spring training, but Albert Pujols is off to a hot start to beginning his Angels career hitting his first 3 home runs in an Angel uniform in his last 2 games. In just 22 at bats 10 hits, 9 RBI, and 8 runs to go with a .455 batting average and a 1.545 OPS. Another impressive thing about his 2 home runs yesterday, was that his first one came off of left hander Chris Sale, and the 2nd one came in his next at bat against right hander Anthony Carter. Sure neither pitcher are big names, but hitting a homer off a lefty, and then a righty in two consecutive at bats is always a pretty good sign that you are locked in as a hitter.

Like I said, it is just spring training, but Pujols brings plenty to be excited about for Angels fans. He is the biggest Free Agent singing in Angel history, and his offense is a real game changer, the kind that has never been in an Angel line up. Pujols is expected to be the best hitter on the Angels, and a leader in the clubhouse. Last years best Angel hitter was Mark Trumbo, and Pujols is obviously a huge upgrade. Trumbo is moving over to third base, and so far has looked okay there in spring training although he did commit an error on a routine ground ball against the Dodgers. His defense should improve as he gets used to the position, and his bat will always be welcomed in the lineup. If you combine that with the excellent starting rotation the Angels have this year with Aces Jarred Weaver, Dan Harren, the newly signed C.J. Wilson (who is also off to a hot start with a 0.00 ERA in his first 2 starts), Ervin Santana, and Garret Richards. The Angels along with Texas, are going to be the top teams in the American league west.

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