New York Yankees and Andy Pettitte Agree to Surprising Reunion

By Craig Williams

I fall out of the loop for four days and this is what happens, huh?  Maybe it pays to take a brief time (felt like an eternity) away from baseball every now and then.  That’s definitely not something that I care to make a habit out of, but if I continue to come back to good news like this then maybe I’ll make it a mandatory part of my preseason.  Anyway, as Mark Hock shared with us, the New York Yankees signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal with fan favorite Andy Pettitte.

Mark covered a little bit more of the statistical side of things so I won’t get too deep into that.  My initial reaction is that I’m just surprised.  I thought Pettitte was happily retired and if I remember correctly, he might even have said so at some point during his visit to New York Yankees’ camp.  From my own personal experience, it’s very easy to get the itch to play again if it’s not 100% out of you.  On the flip side, when you know the itch has been fully scratched – sometimes to the point of a painful rash – you can leave confidently.

What I think happens at the highest levels – in a lot of cases at least – is that athletes still have the itch to play, but perhaps their bodies are not cooperating.  In other words, the body goes before the itch does.  If this theory has legitimate truth to it, we could conclude that it is the reason so many vets struggle and bounce around toward the end of their careers.  It will be interesting to see what the case ends up being for Andy Pettitte.

Andy Pettitte won’t be ready by the start of the season and we’ll have to see what type of time table is constructed for him to join the New York Yankees in the big leagues.  There is plenty of potential fall out from this move.  Stay tuned.

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