Video: Miguel Cabrera Gets Hit in the Face by Groundball; Lots of Blood

By Bryan Lutz

The goal of Spring Training isn’t so much of getting ready for the regular season, but rather to avoid injuries at all costs. Unfortuantly for Miguel Cabrera, injuries sometimes find you. In the Tigers Spring Training game versus the Phillies, Hunter Pence smoked one down the line. The ball took a wicked bounce, drilling Cabrera in the face. Cabrera, who is transitioning to third base full-time this season, turns into a bloody mess.

Cabrera was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons and will require stitches. If there is more severe news then that, we will be on top of it.

Sorry for the video not being the best quality, and sorry if the video gets removed later. MLB isn’t as nice as the NBA or NFL.

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