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MLB Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles Shopping Kevin Gregg And Mark Reynolds

It’s not even April, but it looks like the Baltimore Orioles have already decided to try and move two players who struggled significantly in 2011. According to a tweet by Danny Knobler, the Orioles are looking to move reliever Kevin Gregg and infielder Mark Reynolds.

Gregg has been overvalued throughout his career because he’s got the all mighty label of the “experienced closer”. The Orioles experienced first hand why this is an issue, as Gregg went 0-3 with a 4.37 ERA, striking out 53 while walking 40. But at least he saved 22 games! Gregg is making $5.8 million in 2012 and has a club option for 2013 that needs Gregg to be finishing 50 games in 2011 or 100 combined in 2011-2012 in order for it to vest. It’s unlikely the Orioles will let him do that at this point.

Reynolds didn’t fare much better, costing the Orioles nearly 3 wins on defence thanks to a horrific -28 UZR. Mercifully, the Orioles aren’t using him at third base this season, giving him a chance of having some value as a 1B or DH. He was a good source of power, hitting 37 home runs and posting a 221/323/483 slash line. Fangraphs had Reynolds worth 0.3 WAR, proving once again that there’s more to baseball than simply hitting home runs. Reynolds defence is so bad, that despite hitting for more power than just about anybody else in the game, he couldn’t provide any value to the Orioles. Reynolds will make $7.5 million this season, and the Orioles hold a club option for 2013 that will likely be bought out in favour of a $500,000 buyout.

It’s no surprise that the Orioles would be looking to move either player, as they don’t help the team win and cost them a significant amount of money. Unfortunately for the O’s, other teams are likely aware of how inefficient both players are, and in order to get any value in return they’d have to pay for part or nearly all of their salaries. Which would still be a worthwhile investment, because at this point a bucket of balls might be better than Gregg or Reynolds.