Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks End Game Tied

By Michael Terrill

The Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks much hyped rematch of last year’s National League Divisional Series ended in a 0-0 dud on Wednesday.

The umpires called the contest at the end of the ninth inning because no spring training game will go into extras. Players are getting used to playing nine innings and there is no need to push the envelope and cause injuries by doing anything more than that.

Yovani Gallardo took the mound for the Brewers and allowed seven hits over 4 2/3 innings while Daniel Hudson pitched five innings surrendering only two hits for the Diamondbacks. The relievers on both squads were remarkable from there on out.

It was nice to see Gallardo throw a lot of changeups, a pitch he had little to zero confidence in last season. If he can get that pitch going with his outstanding fastball and curveball, he will be a very difficult pitcher to face.

Milwaukee recorded five total hits with Nyjer Morgan getting two of them, including a double. Morgan has been phenomenal this spring and is swinging the bat with confidence. Hopefully he can build off his success from last season and help the Brewers win back-to-back division titles.

Milwaukee lost a lot of personality when Prince Fielder left the team in free agency and signed with the Detroit Tigers. Morgan, who already has enough personality for the entire starting lineup, will have to step up his game and continue to be the guy he was last year. The Brewers will need someone in the locker room who can lighten the mood when they are losing and show them how to have fun when they are winning. Fans do not realize Fielder was a big contributor in that sense even though Morgan was the one making the headlines with his quirky antics.

Milwaukee’s last day of spring training is Thursday. They will play 14 more exhibition games up to Opening Day in which they will take on the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals at Miller Park on April 6.

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